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Uber after having been around for ~ 3 years in India started facing the problem of having too many registered drivers without cars on their platform and various partners without any drivers to drive their cars. They wanted a solution where their partners could connect with potential drivers to be hired and vice versa. This is to be used as an internal application / tool. The solution they required is an easy to use solution to connect the two parties with Uber maintaining the backend. We thus created an app for them called Uber Match.


Firmloop is an end-to-end process management tool that helps businesses track key metrics at one place - HR and client relations to finance and project management.



AllStarz is an app designed for socialising within the sports community. One can create sporting communities and teams which are geolocation and sports based. Individual player profiles with various aspects of their capabilities also make this exciting. The app is built on native platforms for iOS and Android both with heavy focus on Media.


Go Buzzinga is a geo based events and social discovery platform. We work with them on a retainer model as the technology team. We have developed their Android app as well as the entire back-end for the same. The back-end is built on PHP and MySQL. The iOS app would be built soon.Key challenge was to assess the analytics on a regular basis to gain more downloads.


The process

Wireframe & Design

Joe Sparano says - "Good design is obvious; great design is transparent"
Probably the most important phase for a consumer app, the UX needs to be properly thought through and presented in a manner thats easily understood by the target audience. We aim to keep the latest design principles in mind while also understanding the needs of the consumer in a manner that the flow is seamless and smooth and the user does not need to think in using the app.


This phase being the longest - is where the code is written and structured. Using the latest development architecture, frameworks and methodologies in place as well as proper documentation, we write the code in a manner that whether you need to understand it or a new developer at a certain time, it is easy to understand, scalable as well as well structured.

Testing and Stabilisation

No code is 100% free. Those who say their's is are either lying or are newbies. However, not just from a client-company relationship, but more from an innate quality of our developers to do the best at whatever they do, we strive to keep the bugs and issues at the lowest. And on top of it our testers are probably the most critical people you might meet finding faults in everything. (There's a joke about our developers constantly trying to outdo the testers by not letting them find any bugs. ) Our testers are experienced in Selenium and other tools while the testing happens not just from a UAT perspective but to an extent where load testing is also done in a manner that the app is stable even at peak environments.




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Clients Speak

  • Shantanu Verma

    Team Bold Ware has been very helpful in working on this project.
    From adhering to deadlines to creating interesting designs to even helping on ideating the product, team Bold Ware has been a real good partner for us in our technology end.
    We highly recommend working with Bold Ware for any such projects.

  • Bibek Samantaray

    Bold Ware has been really exceptional in understanding the requirements and delivering the project which was required. The project was developed within timelines while keeping our company design and development guidelines in place. They have been thoroughly professional and I'd highly recommend them to anyone else in requirement of their services.

  • Varun Mahajan

    In a word "incredible". They have a team that is hard working, passionate and intelligent. They helped my startup in other areas as well. They go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to helping startups standup.

  • Saurabh Kaura

    Bold ware has done an excellent job of building the technical and operational framework for our app. They have worked tirelessly to bring our vision to reality and have largely stuck to their committed delivery schedule despite a number of technical challenges in developing the app. I highly commend them for maintaining strong channels of communication and ensuring that they keep their clients' specific needs and requirements at the forefront every step of the way.

  • Avinash Kumar

    After having spent quite a lot of time and money with other vendors, I was recommended Bold Ware by a friend as an outsourcing partner who did a wonderful job. We required a multi level multi user CRM-ERP and a customer facing mobile responsive web app. We are quite pleased with their service delivery, speed and quality. Would recommend Bold Ware to everyone who is creating a product for their business.

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